July 13, 2010

Done blogging

Okay, so life is crazy that's all! I'm done blogging! If you are really curious about what's going on in the life of the McNabb's then check us out on facebook! I always (no joke) update pics on facebook, it's just to easy. So don't even bother checking this, I'm done, just going to hold onto it a bit until I can save the posts somehow. If your not my friend on facebook already, lets be friends!

April 30, 2010

First Craft show

I did a craft show in Rigby, it was small so not too much business which was okay for my first show! I'm prepared now for another. My booth turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think about it I would love some feedback!

I have my Paci-Catchers in 3 stores now! 
Here's hoping I stay really buy!

The Haircut

Logan got a haircut! It was getting really long and I wasn't up for attempting a trim with his attention span so we buzzed it. And it's short thats for sure! It will grow back right?!


This is after the haircut in the bath. Lots of bubbles spark the imagination... sleeping on bubble pillows, making snow angels, being Santa with beards... they were in there forever!

March 21, 2010

Trip to Spokane...

Here we are in Spokane visiting Jessica, Westin, Carter and Heidi! 

Brooklynn trying to get Heidi to look at the camera!

Brooklynn my little Princess! 

We almost have all the cousins together! Notice the serious drool on Boston's shirt, he was teething!

Zac being the awesome Uncle that he is! Also very afraid of being spit-up on!

Nothing more fun than the play place at the mall, a reward after all that shopping!

Fun at home!

 We like to get creative when it comes to time-outs!
A little Yoga, the Downward Dog!
The Plank, Logan could hold this one for a long time!

February 13, 2010

The Power of Dawn

I have decided this dish soap is my new favorite cleaner! 

I fell in love with Dawn dish soap when I was pregnant and had nothing left to wear that wasn't splattered with grease on the front or grease smeared on the leg from kids dirty fingers. 
I googled, yes I googled and low and behold DAWN! It now sits on my dryer and is used frequently to remove all grease spots from my clothing, it's a miracle I tell ya, a miracle!

Here are a few other uses I found that might shock and amaze you...

* Cleaning oil spots in the garage or on the driveway
* Cutting grease from the range hood
* Hand-washing delicates
* Saving aquatic animals that we're in oil spills 
* Use as a flea shampoo for pets, lather it on really good
* Mix with water and spray on counters, floors, outside to get rid on ants (no chemicals)
* Soak finger nails in a Dawn/water solution to soften cuticles and remove oils to prep nails for nail polish (professional manicurist do this)
* Stripping hair of shampoo buildup (once a month)
* Makes great homemade bubbles for kids
* Pour into plastic baggy and freeze, use as an ice-pack (stays cold longer and is pliable) Reusable too
* Soak greasy tools so they look new again
* Removes grease stains from mechanics hands
* Removes kids fingerprints from walls
* Removes vaseline from hair (hopefully I never have to try this:)
* Removes soot from hands
Oh and of course, It does a great job cleaning your dishes!!!
And it's cheap, I buy it for $1 at Wal Mart, just get the original!
Give it a try! 
Tell me all the different things you use your new favorite all-purpose cleaner for, I would love to hear!

February 8, 2010

Just like Dad!

Lets see... I hold it like this... 


... and then I suck on it!

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